Friday, February 15, 2013

Creativity Worth Spreading

Friday, February 15, 2013
Ted Conference Vancouver
The world famous TED conference is moving to Vancouver, B.C. in March of 2014, for at least a two-year stint. Although I’m personally not holding out any hope of attending the conference itself, it will certainly be an interesting experience to have it all happening a mere five minute walk from my desk at our MBM Vancouver office. Many of us will be hoping and working to see the spirit of the conference escape the walls of the Vancouver Convention Centre. 

TED is about ideas, each of which must be judged on their own merit. But, more importantly, TED is about creative energy. The TED website offers up a host of optimistic and enthusiastic talks on a variety of subjects, and whether one agrees with a speaker’s particular position or not, it’s hard not to get caught up in the creative spirit. 

This little bit of news coincides nicely with the launch of a series of articles on creativity, which I plan to post through this very blog over the coming year. Since the foundation of Intellectual Property is the creativity of its inventors, writers, designers, and others, it’s important to understand the creative process, to keep it healthy, and to keep it on track. I will share some of the lessons learned through personal experience, experience with inventors, and good old-fashioned research into what the experts say. The goal will be to inspire, entertain, and have a look at some tools that might just foster that creative spark that is at the heart of our business, and maybe yours too. 

So stay tuned! And while you’re waiting, here’s a little homework assignment. Go and watch a TED talk or two at, and see if you can’t feel some of that creative energy. Then, whether you agree with the speaker or not, see if you find yourself either expanding upon or refuting their ideas. “Ideas Worth Spreading” is their slogan, but I think the creative energy underlying the ideas can be equally infectious.