Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No Need to Fear a Green Christmas

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Environment Canada’s weather forecast for Christmas is bleak. I am saddened to report that most of Canada will have a Green Christmas according to CTV News

Never fear there are options available as evidenced by a review of the Canadian Intellectual Property Patent Database. A search of the database using the term “snow making” revealed 47 patents and applications directed to making snow. 

They include Canadian Patent No 2,237,428 entitled a “METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAKING SNOW” which is directed to a snow making tower that discharges pressurized air and water through nozzles to form plumes of atomized water for producing snow in subfreezing conditions. 

There are also options available to those individuals that would rather stay inside, including Canadian Patent No. 1,332,517 entitled “SNOW MAKING EQUIPMENT” which is directed to methods and equipment for making snow in an indoor environment over extended period. 

Regardless of what your plans are for over the holiday season, we at www.CanadaIPblog.com wish you a safe and happy holidays and a prosperous New Year.